5-Minute Office-Friendly Hairstyles

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The typical weekday rush begins, with only a few minutes left to get your family out the door on time. You have homework to look over, your daughter’s hair to fix, school lunches to pack; as well as get yourself ready for the day. You may think of yourself as a superwoman, but did you just spread mayo in your daughter’s hair? And do you usually pack a school lunch for the dog? Thankfully you do manage to get everyone out the house almost on time; after wiping the mayo out of your daughter’s hair. Who knows, maybe she’ll start a new trend in grade school hairstyles. You are now left with a whole five minutes, to get yourself looking like a beautiful professional woman, before you leave the house. Can you do it?
With these attractive and easy to style, five minute office friendly hairstyles, you should be out the door in no time looking great!

5-Minute Office-Friendly Hairstyles1

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