10 New Haircuts To Try For Winter

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People often enjoy the fashion and trends that come with the changing of the season. As the temperatures fall and the winter is quickly approaching it is time to make things hot with a new look and a new style. This winter season is all about texture. Fuzzy sweaters and the layering of clothing is going to be the hot new look. There are also five hair cuts that are a must for the winter season. Adel Chabbi who is found of the New York City Adel Atelier  hair school has developed some styling tips to help with the perfect new haircut. Adel has worked with a number of famous people. The client list includes Lauren Hutton, Coco Rocha,  and even Martha Stewart. These hair cuts are worthy of star treatment and will help any woman look glamorous. The five new haircuts work with different types of hair and will highlight the best features of the face.

10 New Haircuts To Try For Winter1

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